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Digital Video Door Camera Modulator

This product is designed to allow CCTV Cameras to be viewed on a standard TV as a single Channel, allows residents to view the front door when answering the door entry intercom.

The  Digital Video Camera Modulator replaces the existing  Analogue Camera modulator in the TV distribution area. The Digital Video Camera Modulator converts the video signal from the camera to a Digital TV channel that is viewable on Freeview Televisions at the press of a button

The system can use your existing Video Cameras and Cabling, no need to upgrade your equipment

Camera feed appears on a Freeview Channel without the need to change TV input selections

Can be placed on any non- used Freeview channel, 

Appears on TV Guide and can be named to suit, Front Door Camera etc.

Works with Freeview TVs and Freeview Set Top Boxes and appears in the channel guide

Cotswold Communications have been supplying quality TV solutions for over 10 years.

We listen to your requirements, and then deliver a proposal that suits your needs and budget. Our experience in this sector gives us an understanding of what your business requires to ensure total satisfaction.

We understand the importance of meeting and exceeding your residence’ expectations. Cotswold Communications  with over 10 years’ experience in looking after our clients in the TV industry can deliver the service expertise required to provide a total TV solution.


With the move from Analogue to Freeview Television, the ability to switch quickly to the door camera channel has disappeared, navigating between TV inputs is tricky and time consuming.

We make it easy to select the door camera channel as a Freeview channel on the TV remote or TV guide

Contact us for a a free survey and system health check

Telephone: 08452 30 70 30

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