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Cloud Digital Signage


Our Digital Signage solution is a software based end to end client server solution for providing rich media, digital signage content to single or multiple screens.


A truly flexible and simple to use package, Digital Signage finds itself at home in any environment, be it a restaurant, university, shop floor, Banking branch or reception area.


Utilising industry standard, IP set-top boxes, (not required if using “Smart TV’s”), the Digital Signage software solution will work with any screen or display, and with no moving parts it creates a more reliable and robust solution, consuming little power.


A central server is used to manage and distribute the content and playlists to end devices which are zoned to allow different messages to be communicated separately to individual or grouped screen locations.


Content can be displayed in a wide range of layouts using either standard or user defined templates.

Digital Signage Solution

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Cloud Digital Signage is a sleek, easy to use and cost effective digital signage solution designed to meet the demands and needs of any organisation looking to get their message to their end users quickly and with minimal effort.


With no reliance on full time high speed network connectivity or moving parts for your messages to display, and with minimal processing demands and low power consumption, this is as reliable a Digital Signage solution as you’re likely to find.


Through the utilisation of the product’s Playlist features, and by mixing your text based promotions with video content and sound, this will make your office or hallway come to life in an instant.


A playlist creation and distribution solution, this platform allows full-screen videos and images to be scheduled and then distributed via a broadband network to multiple locations through an easy to use management interface.


As an added benefit, all content is stored locally to each screen, so even if your internet connection fails your digital messaging will continue to display, giving great peace of mind and an added robustness that other network reliant solutions simply cannot offer.


This platform is also available in the cloud as a Hosted service which enables the incorporation of video clips, RSS feeds and moving text

Key Facts:

  • Control centrally via cloud-based user friendly interface

  • Create multiple layouts, playlists and schedules

  • Mix video, static image and text for a more impacting message

  • Remove reliance on network connectivity

  • Low start-up costs

  • Landscape or portrait display mode

  • High content compression rate keeps download time minimal

  • No moving parts mean less power consumption and less chance of failure

Cloud Digital Signage

  • Support for full range of media formats including text, images, animated gif, PowerPoint, HTML, RSS feeds, scrolling text, video and live television

  • Integration into Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems

  • Workflow management

  • Usage of user defined and predefined digital signage templates

  • Compatible with multiple screen layouts

  • Full screen management control

  • Default and schedule based playlist support

  • Full web based system and user management

  • User group and individual access security controls

  • Ability to zone content, clients and playlist; create digital signage groups or individual signs

  • System backup and restore

We Offer ...

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The media portal solution is a fantastic solution by which to store, catalogue and monitor use of video training resources, thus ensuring employees have access to necessary training collateral when needed and human resources have access to records of training completed. With services deliverable to any PC, tablet or mobile device it is essential to control content,

and our solution enables exactly that. With flexible permission settings, each user can be assigned their own access level and granted access only to appropriate content.


Using this system it is possible to ensure that no material is broadcast when or where it should not be.Through the management interface it is also possible to monitor who has watched what content, when, where and on what device, allowing HR departments to stay informed of staff personal development and training, ensuring accurate records are kept and compliance is maintained.Owing to the fact this solution is based upon a single server, implementation is simple with all of our core products operating in tandem or as standalone solutions without the need for complex integration work. This IP digital media solutions will arm your people with the tools necessary to maximise their working potential.


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