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IPTV Systems

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Hotel Mode Televisions with the IPTV systems,

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Cotswold Communications provide a high quality IPTV system to suit your requirements - offering end to end solution.


  • Multi Satellite and TV antenna installation and distribution, fibre optic or coax

  • Full IPTV system, on PC, on TV or on demand.

  • Digital signage solutions, within the IPTV system or separate solutions

  • Broadcast quality equipment installation, cabling and commissioning

  • Local area network, installation, support and commissioning

  • IPTV system commission, support and maintenance.

  • TV screens supply and installations

  • Projectors, Screens, Creston automation


We offer a wide range of digital television and radio channels The IPTV system supports the acquisition of encrypted and free-to-air digital channels and analogue feeds.

Quality IPTV System



Remote Control 

Cotswold can provide two options for the remote control, which can be supported on Amino STB


The options are an IR remote control or an IR/RF remote control.

The IR remote control will require an IR receiver to be visible and connected to the STB via USB dongle


IR/RF remote control communicates to the STB via RF requiring no IR receiver allowing the STB to be hidden. Both remotes communicate to the TV set via IR.


Each IR/IF Remote is paired to the individual client, this mean that remotes cannot interfere with other STBs in the same area.

Set Top Box 

We use an Amino STB to provide the decoder interface at the TV screen


HDMI 1.3a (excl. Deep colour and DTS audio) with HDCP. 10-way Mini-DIN for Composite video, Component (YPrPb), RGB, S-Video and analogue audio.S/PDIF (optical). USB2.0.


Power can be provided by the PSU supplied, some models also have the POE facility


Output to the TV is via HDMI


A540 Amino STB has a local recording capability


A140 Amino STB uses network PVR functionalty


Home Theater Family

Our IPTV solutions provide the following benefits:


  • IPTV Provides TV content over an existing local area network.

  • Standard Definition and High Definition Channel Options

  • Custom Portal themes, home page designed in company logos and colours

  • Live Pause, rewind, forward wind.

  • Personal Video recorded, network PVR or Local Storage

  • 7 day EPG (electronic program guide) with series record

  • Language options, Channel groups.

  • View Bill. express check out, quest services

  • Information pages, weather information, travel information.

  • True digital broadcast quality live TV.

  • TV delivered direct to a PC desktop.

  • Set Top Box decoder located at TV screen

  • Access to stored video and audio content to provide training and business messages.

  • Control as to who can watch what when.

  • Attach a TV anywhere on network via set top box

  • Management information on what channels are being watched on each TV/PC screen

  • Full digital TV line-up including freeview and de-coded service

  • Full Video on demand play out facilities.

  • PMS Hotel management system integration


Each IPTV server will manage a number of individual interfaces which can support any input feed combination. These interfaces include:


  • DVB-T/T2 for digital terrestrial signals SD or HD

  • DVB-S/S2 for digital satellite signals SD or HD

  • HDMI for High Definition Media Interface (HDCP compliant)

  • ASI for digital encrypted satellite signals, Used Ericsson IRD

  • Analogue interface through composite video or s-video.


Our system is fully flexible and can be expanded as requirements change, additional features can be added.


System administrators can access the IPTV web based management system from any point in their network through a secure log on process. The management system provides the following



  • Set up channel listings make changes and addtions

  • Allocate channels that will be distributed over the network and on which multicast address;

  • Monitor any errors in channel acquisition;

  • Monitor system performance of the head-end;

  • Individual management and configuration of each interface;

  • Remote login capability for tier 2 and tier 3 support.

IPTV Benefits 

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